Dispute resolution

We can offer expert advice on a range of disputes which may arise from owning a dog or horse including:-

  • Ownership/shareholder/partnership disputes - The types of dispute that can arise from animal ownership are extremely wide ranging. We have the experience to deal with everything from unpaid debts to complex contractual disputes with trainers or the breakdown of partnerships.

  • Land and property disputes - Animals require space to live. Should any dispute arise with neighbours or in respect of shared ownership of land, we can provide the assistance you need.

  • Sale and purchase disputes - Contracts for the sale and purchase of animals can be complex and lengthy. Even the most detailed and comprehensive contracts result in disputes arising. We have the expertise to resolve these disputes in the most cost-effective and efficient manner for you.​

  • Contractual issues and loan agreements - Contract disputes can be complex and distressing. We can provide the assistance you need to ensure that your issue is settled as quickly and effectively as possible. We can also provide advice on the content of any contract or agreement, whether it be a livery agreement or an equipment loan agreement.

  • Insurance claims and disputes


  • Public liability issues

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